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Brian Dougherty has been a professional photographer and image maker for over 3 decades. His work has been delivered to 1000's of clients. His quirky, offbeat, personality and never ending lack of creative energy, has kept him highly sought after over the years, and keep his clients coming back for more. He is best known over the past years for creating stunning photography of people for all kinds of use. His clients are from all walks of life, but all want one thing, a great photograph of themselves.  His clients include models, actors, corporate moguls, celebrities, entertainers, and everyday people who want a really great and memorable image of themselves. From sexy to corporate and everything in between. His creative style  has been used to deliver beautiful images to women and professional images to corporate professionals. 

 Through the magic of controlled lighting, skilled makeup artists, and creative ideas, he transforms "pictures" into "images of life, for a lifetime of enjoyment" in increments of 1/60th of a second. He is not known as a "normal portrait photographer". His style cannot be placed in any specific area of photography. He strives to create a great image for his client that is unlike anyone elses.

" My passion for photographing people is insatiable, and producing ART, which is part of every real photographers heart and soul. In the digital world I can take images of "reality" and change it into a image of anything my mind desires. I love the interaction I have with my clients, where we all have a common goal, to produce a great photograph....no holds barred. We are not constrained in our sessions by any rules, I do what I do..period.

 I have always been drawn to photographing women, (of course, LOL)  because I feel that ALL women are beautiful, I prefer to create more abstract images, and images with strong compositions even in my "people" photography. good composition, even in a headshot is sometimes often overlooked by many photographers."

  "My love has always been in black and white photography, and the digital world allows me to produce images with depth that I could only dream of with film. I love being allowed the privilege and honor of capturing a part of my clients and friends lives in 1/60th of a second increments. Are you ready to be one of them?"

Brian Dougherty

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